Monday, June 15, 2009


so blogging huh. . .

weird. mostly because i have yet to send out the web address to anyone. [pause to add that to my to do list]

Monday. poor thing. it always gets a bad rap. my monday however redeemed itself in a big way.

Today at FOCUS Summer Training we had the pleasure of listening to the wisdom of Dr. Edward Sri, professor of scripture and theology -- walk us through Salvation History -- aka Genesis to Jesus. woof. 5 hours of mind blowing info.

Catholics are often attached to the stereotype of not knowing scripture very well --- we here at FOCUS are out to break the trend. This is the fourth time i have heard a similar presentation on the Bible -- and the fourth time i have had my mind blown. amazing. I am re-inspired to dive deep and learn more about OUR STORY.

Growing up i learned about Noah, and Moses, and David, and red water, plagues of frogs, and other cool Bible stories -- but i couldn't tell you who came first, why the frogs, or anything else. Knowing the order and the why changes EVERYTHING. Realizing that the story does not end with Jesus, but barely begins and that WE are living in the story -- -i mean i could just on and on and on. . . . . .

but since no one is reading this anyway. . . ha.

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  1. Hi Amanda, I'm reading it! Nice work! I started a blog too. Wanted to see your blog and see how it is done by the master blogger. I think every Christian should have one and start telling other's about their walk with Christ. I think it is important with all the bad things on the internet, this good will help counter that other bad stuff out there. Keep up the good work in Christ. I will be back to see what inpirational words you have in the future. I just started mine last week at

    Have a good day in Christ.

    Marty Q.